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Muie (pronounced [muyae], or even [mooyae] by professionals; also known as sausage cleaning) refers to oral performance and is a great way to assess the health of the partner's teeth. It is not effected during religion fasting periods, as it is based on meat (de dulce - sweet matters). If you're a vocalist (oral performer), it is recommended not to perform muie at least two hours before a gig, in order to be able to hit those high notes. It is considered impolite to talk while performing muie (see the Don't talk with your mouth full principle).

Based on the general humane principle that "man comes before everything" (o muie-nainte de toate; omu' = the man; ie = is; 'nainte de toate = before everything), muie is one of the most lucrative feminine industries and often enough, when the family runs out of money, husbands encourage women to take the matter (aka sweet matter - see also careers: How to do things yourself) into their own hands by the words "du-te si tu si mai fa o muie" (you go and perform another muie). Actually, women measure the cost of commodities in terms of muie. If you are involved in a road accident with a blonde driving a Ferrari, she is likely to communicate the price of the car in mui [muyaes] taken.

In fact, successful people are called muisti [muyshti] (muie-performers) in Romania. The former dictator of Romania, Ceausescu / Nea Nicu / Nea Nae / Ceasca / Pif was considered the leading muist in the country. Worldwide, the name is attributable to personalities like George Bush and Bill Gates.

The practice is often considered perverse, because of poor sanitary habits. However, the disconmfort might easily be avoided by using condom, which also reduces the risk of pregnancy. One of the most appreciated nowadays is the new condom with the taste of penis. Scientists, who are usually unfamiliar with the custom, have a tendency of considering that pregnancies cannot normally appear through this procedure. That's why they are called abnormal pregnancies.

The ritual has a devouted religous following, consisting in phallic (pula) cults practitioners everywhere, whith common tastes, one might say, and using the same tongue (in fact different tongues, but applying the same technique). Its symbol among connaisseurs is a raised middle finger in a closed fist. One of the religions' complementary rituals is mintrubbing.

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