Cine este Bula si familia lui ( Bancuri bula )

Bula is a mythical hero present in almost all romanian "not so salted" jokes (called "bancuri" by natives). Some say that he is a kind of a Superman, some say that he is mentally retarded. He is always helping to get a subject in a lost discussion, and the bancuri can go on when Romanian workers are drunk with the tuica. Anyway, it is known that Bula uses excessive highly praising expressions as "Bag pula, tai copacu", or "Tu cu cine tii ma in pizda matii, cu Ursu'?".

Bula is remembered in some appearances as a skinny young male, ugly as hell that is messing up the life of every person who meets him. In others Bula looks like a bubble with hands and legs, very fat, easier for him to roll than to walk. He trully is the prototype of the perfect romanian male.

Bula seems to be immortal, there are documents about Bula dating back even from the time of the Roman Empire. Another well known relative of Bula is Shtrula. They are both worldwide known for extensive use of genital wart cream.

Sometimes, Bula plays (undercover) jokes always starting with: "One American, one Frenchman, one Russian, and one Romanian...". Those jokes always end in the same way as seen on the internet.


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